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Data-rich but power-constraint 

Conventional battery-power and wired power solutions for sensors cannot keep up with the power demand of billions of sensors in the future.


Substantial cost to replace batteries for millions of wireless sensors 


Cabling complexity to provide power to sensors in buildings.


Lack of sustainable power solutions for long operating duration

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Wireless Power is the key to unlock sustainable power solution

EH sources.png

Ambient Energy Harvesting solution harnesses energy from the environment to power the sensors. 

WPT source.png

Wireless Power Transfer solution enables long-range wide-coverage power charging to sensors.

WaveBoost enables large-scale sensor networks with sustainable power solution


Sustainable power source

Extension of sensor's operating duration.


Cost saving

Reduced cost on battery replacement and installation of cabling infrastructure


Ease of Integration

Our solutions can be customized based on user's requirements for fast integration and standards compliance.

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Founded in 2019 and based in Singapore, WaveBoost is an energy tech startup that aims to cut the power cords and unplug the batteries for sensors. We ask ourselves "How can billions of sensors be powered sustainably?". Wireless power solutions will soon become a pivotal part in the industry, and WaveBoost is well positioned to deliver quality wireless power systems.


We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude. Graduated from the Graduate Research Innovation Program (GRIP) from National University of Singapore, our team consists of hard-working, committed, and passionate members with strong backgrounds in developing wireless power systems.

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